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Greetings nutrition enthusiast!✨

Nutrition Expo 10 proudly presents, the 5th International Seminar on Nutrition.

The theme of this year’s ISON:
Healthy Diet to Maintain Optimal Immunity in The New Normal Era.

With the keynotes speechs:
History of The Pandemic & Its Effects on The Nutritional Status of The Community.

Among our professional and international speakers are:
🔹Prof. Amin Subandrio
🔹dr. Mira Dewi, M.Si., P.hD
🔹Dr. Anuraj Shankar

Registration date and prices:
🔹Late Phase: September 14th – November 6th 2020 (Rp 50.000)

Register through:

The 5th ISON will provide you information of the on-going topics from the best speakers. So make sure to register yourself immediately to get the best price!

5th ISON Contact Person: Deira (082246244447)

For further inquiries:
Ayu (ID Line: anisadiyahayu) – 081382437973

Our official account:
Instagram: nutritionexpo10
Twitter: @nutritionexpo10
Line: @uji6592

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